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About Us

We are a network of women in the endurance world from beginner to veteran. Gritty2gether is a safe space to meet, chat, and learn from other like-minded women for meetups, training partners, and races! 

Your Gritty2gether Tribe is a FREE online community of women, brought to you by Angela Naeth - an active coach, triathlete, runner, founder of the global women's team IRACELIKEAGIRL.

We are a group of women with Gritty2gether who are passionate about being active, from 5K to IRONMAN - runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, and exercise enthusiasts. 

This is OUR space and this is where we find hope in each other's stories.

Inside Gritty2gether 

Gritty2gther is a place to connect, to ask questions, and get the support of like-minded women who love to get gritty :

If you're looking for a place to ask questions, find support, search for mentors, training partners, and friendships in the world of running-cycling and swimming,  then this is the community for you

Online Community done right!

This is a carefully designed and thought-out community, made to make you feel at home, a place you can trust. You can contribute, meet people, chat, and share.

The platform is not the community. The members are the community. But the choice of platform matters. I wanted a platform where your privacy is respected; where you don't have to worry about who else knows that you're in the group. 

Your experience is unlike Facebook and online forums and entirely focused on supporting a thriving community. There is a mobile app. The browser version works on your tablet and PC. The whole interface is designed for community and it shows. You feel welcome, and a part of something. You can focus on the subject, and you are not distracted by notifications or cute animal videos.

Join Us, You've Got Nothing to Lose!

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Why You Should Join Us

Community you create! We are a community for all - meet other women that have similar interests, location. Connect with training partners, race meetups, events, or just for a coffee or text messaging. 

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